SPES Officers Meeting September 2022
At the University of Salerno, Osservatorio dell’Appennino, on 8 September 2022, the meeting of the Officers of the SPES begins at 18:30.

Officers attending:
Willemien Otten, President
Giulio d’Onofrio, Officer
Michael Herren, Officer
Dermot Moran, Officer
Bernard McGinn, Former President, online

Ernesto Mainoldi, Secretary

  1. New officers
    Willemien Otten proposed: Agneska Kijewska, Deirdre Carabine, Adrian Guiu, and Ilaria Ramelli. Giulio D’Onofrio proposed: Armando Bisogno and Renato De Filippis.
    All the names are approved unanimously.
  2. Secretary
    President Otten asks to the current secretary to continue in office, and that the Secretary automatically becomes an Officer.
    Ernesto Mainoldi accepts to continue in the charge of secretary
  3. Past Presidents
    Giulio d’Onofrio raises the matter of the position of past presidents: it is decided that they will act as Officer with the mention of their past role as President (or Honorary President).
  4. Honorary Officer
    Acknowledging her contribution to Eriugenian studies and her attendance at many SPES colloquia, particularly the first one in Dublin in 1970, Marta Cristiani is proposed by President Otten as Honorary Officer, a new figure in the board of the Society. It was agreed that the honorary officers can participate in Officers’ meetings. The attendant officers approved unanimously.
  5. New President
    According to the traditions of the Society, Willemien Otten asked Giulio d’Onofrio to become the new President. He accepted, with the unanimous agreement of the attendees.
  6. Periphyseon V
    Mark Zier’s edition of the fifth volume of Periphyseon in completion of the Sheldon-Williams’ edition: Dermot Moran proposed to endorse the publication in the Scriptores Latini Hiberniae series where it was supposed to be published, but something is delaying it. Giulio D’Onofrio suggested that this endorsement should remain an exception, in order to prevent expectations from scholars to be sponsored by the SPES. Ernesto Mainoldi asks for the possibility of having the text of the edition and sharing it among the officers.
  7. Next conference
    Dermot Moran announced the possibility of organizing the 13th SPES conference in Boston with the support of Boston College, optimistically in four, realistically in five years.
  8. Other Seminars
    Giulio D’Onofrio suggested organizing seminars or other events in between major SPES conferences
  9. Conference Proceedings
    Giulio D’Onofrio announced his intention to propose to Brepols that the proceedings of the SPES Salerno’s Conference be published in the series Nutrix.
    The meeting closed at 19:25
    Minutes compiled by Ernesto Mainoldi September 2022