This page will be a useful resource for Eriugena scholars. Our aim is to build an up-to-date bibliography. Please send us details of recently published work if you would like to feature it on this site.


Mary Brennan’s extensive annotated bibliography (A Guide to Eriugenian Studies) covered works written between 1930-1987. This is the continuation of her earlier work: Brennan, Mary, “A bibliography of publications in the field of Eriugena studies 1800–1975”, Studi Medievali, 3rd series, 18 (1977): 401–447.

Gerd Van Riel (scanned at Google Books but we will be uploading the full text here soon), A Bibliographical Survey of Eriugenian Studies 1987-1995

Adriana Farenga and Ernesto Sergio Mainoldi, A Bibliography of Eriugenian Works 2000-2016 (Ernesto Mainoldi is currently working on a 2017-2019 update)

Recent Publications

Willemien Otten, Thinking Nature and the Nature of Things

Adrian Guiu (ed), A Companion to John Scottus Eriugena

Dermot Moran and Adrian Guiu, “John Scottus Eriugena“, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (first published 2003)

Online Resources

A partially-annotated bibliography (fairly recent), can be found at:

A useful resource on the works of Eriugena at CELT, Corpus of Electronic Texts