This page will be a useful resource for Eriugena scholars. Our aim is to build an up-to-date bibliography. Please send us details of recently published work if you would like to feature it on this site.


Thanks to Don Duclow for the following:

The two attached articles may be of interest for SPES’ website’s “Resources” page:

Riccardo Pizzinato, “Vision and Christomimesis in the Ruler Portrait of the Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram,” Gesta, vol. 57, n. 2 (Spring 2018), pp. 145-170. Accessible online:
Johann Beukes, “The 50-year jubileum of the Society for Eriugenian Studies in John Scot(t)us Eriugena (815-877) research, 1970-2020,” HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 77/4 (2021). Accessible online:
Eriugena is central to Pizzinato’s superb article, which analyzes the ruler portrait & its facing page in terms of John’s political theology & teaching on theosis.

Beukes’ article is a timely review of Eriugena, SPES & Adrian Guiu’s Companion to JSE.


Mary Brennan’s extensive annotated bibliography (A Guide to Eriugenian Studies) covered works written between 1930-1987. This is the continuation of her earlier work: Brennan, Mary, “A bibliography of publications in the field of Eriugena studies 1800–1975”, Studi Medievali, 3rd series, 18 (1977): 401–447.

Gerd Van Riel (scanned at Google Books but we will be uploading the full text here soon), A Bibliographical Survey of Eriugenian Studies 1987-1995

Adriana Farenga and Ernesto Sergio Mainoldi, A Bibliography of Eriugenian Works 2000-2016 (Ernesto Mainoldi is currently working on a 2017-2019 update)

Recent Publications

Willemien Otten, Thinking Nature and the Nature of Things

Adrian Guiu (ed), A Companion to John Scottus Eriugena

Dermot Moran and Adrian Guiu, “John Scottus Eriugena“, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (first published 2003)

Online Resources

A partially-annotated bibliography (fairly recent), can be found at:

A useful resource on the works of Eriugena at CELT, Corpus of Electronic Texts